апр 1, 2020

Security measures COVID-19

Dear Friends, we have a long weekend of quarantine ahead of us. If you need to get to relatives or go to the food shop, maybe someone needs to get to a country house. Contact us! Our company will work seven days a week! The health of passengers and drivers is our top priority. We have introduced stricter standards and new etiquette for drivers. Drivers disinfect the places of contact with antiseptic wipes after each trip, and at least three times a day they treat the interior with a disinfectant spray. New driver's etiquette! Your driver will keep a distance between you throughout the trip. The driver will help with the Luggage and then treat hands with antiseptic. We are monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and will forgive you to follow all official recommendations. Friends, we wish you all health and patience!
мар 24, 2020

Rent a Mercedes VITO!

Dear friends! A warm spring weekend is ahead. Many people now working remotely and that be not to go crazy at home, we will tell you Lifehack! In our company, you can rent a minivan Mercedes Vito with a driver and go to the suburbs of St. Petersburg with your family or friends, for example, to Pavlovsk Park or Pushkin. There you can walk along the Royal paths and breathe in the clean air. Well, if you get cold, visit the Catherine Palace, now it is more free than ever. Friends, do not get bored at home, call us and order a transfer service to St. Petersburg on Mercedes Vito. Our drivers undergo a medical examination every day and carry out sanitary treatment in all transport before each order! Our company still has winter transport prices! Call us and order the service rent a Mercedes Benz with a driver in Saint Petersburg in the company EasyMove and be healthy!
мар 20, 2020

Weekend in Saint Petersburg!

Friends, we have a great spring weekend! Due to the situation with COVID-19 all over the world, in support of the residents of the city of Saint Petersburg, we have reduced the prices for renting a Mercedes Sprinter and not only! Our company provides daily sanitary cleaning of transport. Our drivers undergo a medical check-up before each trips. With us, you can not worry about your health! We offer any trips around the city, to the store or to visit on a holiday. Call us and order a minibus rental service a Mercedes Sprinter with driver in Saint Petersburg! Friends, now the city is almost deserted due to the lack of tourists. Take advantage of this opportunity and spend time with your family! Especially useful are outdoor walks in the Park, especially this weekend will be warm and Sunny!
мар 18, 2020

Rent a minivan Mercedes Vito!

Friends, everyone is in a great mood! We have a great offer for everyone! If you come to us in Saint Petersburg, it means that You have already heard about all the sights, events and sightseeing programs. Our company offers to rent a minivan Mercedes Vito or Mercedes Viano with a driver and you can easily travel around our city in a warm and cozy car. Our driver will pick up you at the hotel or at any convenient location and take you back after your walk, even at night. And for the residents of St. Petersburg – this is a unique opportunity for a little money together with your friends to ride around the city and once again admire the architecture of St. Petersburg streets. You just need to order a minivan Mercedes Vito or Mercedes Viano for 5-7 seats and a pleasant stay is provided for you.
мар 13, 2020

New season, new prices!

Dear friends, guests and residents of Saint-Petersburg! We have a great news! This year we are reducing prices for the summer season. Today you can call and order a car rental service with a driver in St. Petersburg. The Mercedes Sprinter minibus with 19 seats is particularly popular among tourists and residents of the city. This comfortable tourist class minibus with individual air conditioning system is suitable for any event. In our company you can rent a Mercedes Sprinter minibus with a driver or order a transfer in Saint-Petersburg. We work only with experienced drivers and are responsible for the comfort and safety of each passenger. Ahead of the weekend and want to relax from the city or just spend time in a restaurant with your family or friends. Order a transfer by minibus Mercedes Sprinter and you will not need to order several taxi cars, our driver will pick up each guest and you can all go together to celebrate this wonderful weekend, and after the feast, our driver will take everyone home! Call us and our managers will tell you how to organize any trip
мар 10, 2020

We give certificates!

In the company EasyMove kicks off wedding season! Today you can book transport for a wedding in St. Petersburg or buy a Certificate as a gift for newlyweds for any amount and date! In our company you can rent a car of any class Mercedes W222 or Mercedes W213, Mercedes Sprinter or Mercedes V-class. Call us and order a car rental service with a driver in St. Petersburg. You can book a car with a driver by calling 8 (981) 700 86 00 or by e-mail We remind you that July, August, and September are the most popular months for lovers! Advises you to apply to the registry office in advance and book transport. We wish everyone to get the cherished date and invite you to our cozy office to sign a contract for your wedding transport!
мар 4, 2020

Prices is fall!

Friends, we wish all good mood! The first week of spring and already feels the approach of summer. We have great news for our customers. We reduce prices for the summer period! If you make an order now, you will get a discount on renting a transport with a driver in St. Petersburg. Find out more from our managers. EasyMove has a huge choice of transport. We offer services for transporting passengers to any event. The most popular form of transport is the Mercedes Sprinter minibus with 19 seats. Order a Mercedes Sprinter minibus with a driver in St. Petersburg now and get a discount! Friends, we are waiting for your orders at any time. Our managers will tell you about all the details of the order! As everyone knows, Wednesday is a little Friday! Order the service of renting a minibus with a driver in St. Petersburg in the company EasyMove, do not deny yourself the pleasure of moving around the city in comfort!
фев 28, 2020

Spring in St. Petersburg!

Dear Friends, Hello everyone! Winter is receding, just like this working week! Let's spend the winter this weekend in the suburbs and go, for example, to Kronshtadt! Call us and order rental service a minibus Mercedes Sprinter with a driver in St. Petersburg. We are an EasyMove company with many years of experience working with tourists, our drivers are attentive and careful on the roads! Trusting us with your trip, you can’t worry that your plans will collapse and you will be late for the meeting! Renting a minibus with a driver in St. Petersburg is a modern solution for any trip. The minibus Mercedes Sprinter 19 seats is a stylish vehicle for any event. You can also order a transfer in St. Petersburg for yourself and your business partners. You can call us in advance and order a transfer in St. Petersburg on the Mercedes Sprinter minibus by phone 7(981) 700-86-00. Friends, and those who have not yet enjoyed pancakes, also celebrate Maslenica in Kronshtadt! Meet Spring with EasyMove!
фев 25, 2020

Pancake week!

Russian Maslenitsa is an ancient holiday with customs and traditions! Everyone loves this holiday! Call us immediately and order rental service a minibus Mercedes Sprinter with a driver in Saint Petersburg! This minibus Mercedes Sprinter 19 seats is perfect for a trip to the Park to celebrate Pancake week. You will not need to search for a Parking space, our experienced driver will drive you to the entrance to the Park and meet you at the same place! The service of renting a Mercedes Sprinter minibus with a driver in St. Petersburg is the most popular among tourists and residents of the city of St. Petersburg. The Mercedes Sprinter is ideal for city tours, transfers to a restaurant or airport! Friends, celebrate The Pancake week with Easymove! Let Maslenitsa bring good luck and a lot of love! We wish you all to have fun, so that joy will come to you soon, let happiness fly like a bird, so that your soul becomes warmer!
фев 21, 2020

23 February!

Dear Men’s! Easymove company congratulates all men’s of the world On February 23! This holiday is especially important for those who served, for our fathers and grandfathers, for our men’s who take care of their women and children’s! If you haven't figured out what gift to give your man, son or dad, we have a great idea. Order a transfer with a Mercedes E-class driver in St. Petersburg and go to the Olympic sports and shooting complex. Since 1952, the best shooting range of the military hunting society was built in the Sosnovka Park in Leningrad. It hosted national Championships, armed forces Championships, Leningrad-Moscow counter tournaments, and all city competitions – Leningrad Championships, city cups. This club is a unique place. Friends, call us at 7(981) 700-86-00 and our managers will tell you all the details of the order. Order a transfer service to St. Petersburg with a driver on a Mercedes Benz as a gift on February 23 in the company Easymove! Happy Defender of the Fatherland day dear Men’s!
фев 18, 2020

Crazy discounts!

Dear friends, residents and guests of Saint Petersburg! EasyMove continues the discount season for white cars with a driver. Rent a Mercedes E-class, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes GL or Audi A8 in white and get a discount of up to 40% of the price. Order a car rental service with a driver in St. Petersburg by phone +7 (981) 700-86-00 or send us your order by e-mail We speak English and we have What’s App. Importantly, do not forget to tell the promo code < Wedding in St. Petersburg> to our Manager. Spring is approaching in our city, it is a great time for photo shoots and walks in the parks of our city. The first warm days in St. Petersburg will give you romance and a good mood. Rent a car with a driver and go to take beautiful pictures that will please you for a long time! Rent a Mercedes with a driver in St. Petersburg in the company Easymove we are always together!
фев 14, 2020

Valentine's Day!

Dear Friends, we are a hurry to congratulate everyone with Valentine's Day! Let you be surrounded by love and happiness! Take care of your feelings and enjoy each other, Believe in a miracle, smile, Laugh, sincerely love and take care of each other! Give your significant other a romantic trip to St. Petersburg or a romantic dinner in a restaurant! Order a car rental service in St. Petersburg. In our company you can rent a Mercedes Benz S-class or Mercedes E-class with a driver in St. Petersburg. Friends, in honor of the holiday, we make a discount on the transfer to the restaurant for lovers on the Mercedes W212. You can order a transfer to St. Petersburg by phone 7981-700-86-00 or send a request to e-mail Celebrate Valentine's Day with Easymove!
фев 11, 2020

The Elagin island!

Dear Friends, the last month of winter is in full swing, and we have not yet had time to enjoy the coolness and fresh walks, the smell of hot mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. Rent a Mercedes Vito minivan with a driver in St. Petersburg as always by the way! Call us and order a Mercedes Vito minivan rental service with a driver or a Mercedes Viano for 5-7 people. On this transport you can go for a walk on Elagin island, this is the Central Park of culture and recreation, which is located almost in the center of the city. As in any English Park, it brings together beauty, nature, fresh air and landscapes that add to the romance and long walks. This is one of the most beautiful places in the Saint Petersburg. The Park on Elagin island is a favorite place of citizens for family holidays. There is live almost tame squirrels, and in winter filling in a free skating rink and you can go sledding and skiing. There is also a small menagerie in the Park. Friends, call us and order a Mercedes Vito minivan with a driver in St. Petersburg today and we will give you a discount on rent! С уважением, Ольга! Kind regards, Olga!
фев 7, 2020

Weekend in the country!

Friends, happy Friday! You've worked well and now you need a good rest. In St. Petersburg, snow has fallen and you can go on an individual tour of the countryside in Okhta Park to skate and ski . Here is our instruction: take your friends, call us and order a minibus rental service with a driver in St. Petersburg, dress warmly and go on vacation! Rent a Mercedes Sprinter with a driver is available for order at any time. You can rent a minibus for 3 hours or more, or simply order a transfer to your destination. The Mercedes Sprinter minibus with 19 seats is perfect for a trip to a ski resort, you can conveniently place your equipment and relax on the road yourself! Friends we wish you a great mood and a great weekend with Easymove!
фев 4, 2020

Rent a car Mercedes Benz SPb!

Friends, we have a large selection of transport and services in our company! Take advantage of renting a Mercedes Benz E-class with a driver in St. Petersburg. This convenient sedan is suitable for a business trip, transfer from any point of the city, excursion or wedding! Friends, if you are going to the theater in the evening after work, you just need to call us and order a transfer to St. Petersburg. Rent with a driver Mercedes W213 in St. Petersburg at any time in the company EasyMove. Every day we use transport for ease of movement, we are ready to support any of your ideas! You can order a Mercedes Benz with a driver in St. Petersburg by calling 8 (981) 7008600 or send an application to us by e-mail
янв 31, 2020

Tour of the St. Petersburg Mercedes Sprinter!

Dear friends, guests of our city! If you are tired of standard excursions or you don’t know how to spend a weekend in St. Petersburg, you should contact us! We have a service for rent a minibus Mercedes Sprinter with a driver in St. Petersburg. The Mercedes Sprinter 19-seat minibus with a driver is a universal transport for any trips. You can go on an individual tour to Pushkin or Kronshtadt, go to the theater or shopping in the shopping center, any idea can be implemented with the company EasyMove. Our drivers have more than 10 years of experience and they speak English. Friends, now is the time to call us and order the rental of a Mercedes Sprinter minibus with a driver in St. Petersburg. And if you call the EasyMove promo code to our Manager, you will get a discount! We working seven days a week and if it isn’t convenient for you to come to our office, you can rent a Mercedes Benz minibus by phone, just call 8-981-700-86-00 and order transport for rent!
янв 28, 2020

Rent a minivan Mercedes Vito in Saint Petersburg!

Rent a minivan Mercedes Benz Vito in SPb with a driver! Dear friends, if you will need a choice cars for family trip, individual excursion or meeting guests in the airport this kind of car you have suit perfectly! This is comfortable minivan with climate control and a bid trunk. Mercedes Vito minivan is a convenient solution for a trip to the celebration, you can safely send guests together after the event, our drivers will take each guest home! Also in our company you can order a transfer on a minivan Mercedes Vito. This transport is ideal for meeting business partners at the airport or train station. You can order a transfer Mercedes Vito with a driver by calling 8(981) 700-86-00 at any time convenient for you! Renting a minivan with a driver in St. Petersburg in the company EasyMove is always a profitable solution for any business!
ноя 15, 2019

Autumn weekend!

Dear friends!

The theme of autumn is still relevant and aren’t all trees have shed their leaves. If you are going to come to St. Petersburg for a weekend or have already arrived this is great! You will still have time to visit and see the golden autumn in the most romantic and beautiful parks of our Northern capital. In our company you can rent a minivan Mercedes Viano or Mercedes Vito for 5-7 seats.

This service is suitable for a family or a small company that don’t like noisy excursions with a lot of people, you will be able to think through your route and go on your own individual tour. There are many beautiful places in the suburbs of St. Petersburg.

You can go to Pushkin, Tsarskoye Selo, to walk in parks, visit the Catherine Palace, go to the school where the great poet Alexander Pushkin studied and lived. Get inspired by the autumn romance, take a break from the bustle of the city and spend this weekend with your loved ones!

Call us at 7 (981) 700-86-00 our managers will tell you about the beautiful places of the city and to offer transport on favorable terms!

ноя 13, 2019

Wedding in autumn!

Dear friends! Who hasn't got married this year and wants to do it in the fall? I would like to say that of course summer is a wonderful time of year for a wedding, but autumn is even more beautiful in its colors. This is the most romantic time of the year, because it is in autumn that poets come to inspiration and the most beautiful poems are born. All the romantics at this time walk through the parks under the trees dressed in colorful leaves, and the air has not yet had time to cool down from the hot summer days. We offer unique discounts for newlyweds! Call us and order a service to rent a minibus with a driver. Here you can rent a minibus Mercedes Sprinter for 19 seats. This service will save you from the hassle, we will take your guests to any point of the city on your route. Send us an application to email us or call us at 7 (981)7008600. We will organize your wedding in all colors this fall!
авг 21, 2019

Velikiy Novgorod!

Summer is a great time to walk and travel. And if you want to go somewhere and change the situation we offer to go to Velikiy Novgorod. The road will take about three hours by bus or minibus, but it is better to leave early to have time to see everything. Velikiy Novgorod is a city with a centuries-old history. The main attraction is the museum of wooden architecture "Vitoslavica". There are peasant houses, wooden churches and, of course, furnishings and everyday life. Not far from the museum is Yuriev Monastery - one of the ancient abodes of monks. Call us at 7 (981) 700-86-00 and rent a Higer bus with a driver. In our park you will be able to pick up transport according to your preferences for all tastes.
авг 16, 2019


St. Petersburg is a large beautiful city in the north-western part of Russia. It is a city of white nights, green parks, numerous channels and bridges, granite embankments and railings. Many famous Russian and foreign architects created the face of the city in the 18th and 19th centuries. The St. Peter and Paul Fortress is located on the Hare Island. The foundation stone was laid by Peter the Great in Mai 1703. The fortress was always used only as political prison and never had any importance for military purposes. There are very many beautiful and interesting places in St. Petersburg. Among them are the Summer Garden with its famous railing, the Hermitage, the Kazan Cathedral, the Russian Museum, the Rostral Columns, the Alexander Nevski Monastery, the Alexander Column, the Palace Square, the Triumphal Arch, the Admiralty, the Field of Mars, etc. In our company you can rent a transport with a driver and go on a tour of St. Petersburg and its surroundings. Order a minibus rental service with a driver by calling 7 (981) 700-86-00. We offer tourist buses Higer and Yutong from 35 seats to 55 seats. For small groups, you can rent a 19-seat Mercedes Sprinter minibus. You build your own day and the direction of the tour. The Hermitage is one of the most interesting museums in St. Petersburg. It occupies six buildings. The largest and the most important building designed by Rastrelli is the Winter Palace. The St. Petersburger Hermitage has 365 rooms and more than 2.7 million various exhibits. It is the largest art museum in our country and one of the most famous art museums in the whole world.
авг 8, 2019

Weekend in Kronstadt!

Dear Friends! If you haven't decided how and where to spend this summer weekend in St. Petersburg we have a great idea! This weekend we declare the Family and offer to go to the Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt - this is one of the main attractions of the city. The grandiose building is a unique monument to the heroism and bravery of Russian sailors. In the temple there are plaques with the names of those who gave their lives defending the Fatherland at sea. In our company you can order a service to rent a minivan with a driver Mercedes VITO or Mercedes VIANO for 5-7 people. Call us at 7 (981) 700-86-00 and book cars with a driver in The City of St. Petersburg.
авг 1, 2019

Replenishment of the fleet!

Dear friends, we hasten to please you with great news! Our the vehicle park is replenishment! There is came to us two minibuses Mercedes Sprinter for 19 seats 2019. This is a LUX class minibus with leather seats of increased comfort, the interior of the cabin pleases and gives aesthetic pleasure, individual air conditioning system will be help in any weather. Minibus Mercedes Sprinter is decorated in white, suitable for any event, wedding, birthday, meeting at the airport, excursion, picnic, etc. Call us by phone 8(981)-700-86-00 and order a new minibus with a driver for your event, you can send your order to us by e-mail Take all transport issues and look forward to your call! We offer comfort and quality in everything!
июн 1, 2018


The first day of summer has come! We remind you that our company EasyMove has a whole fleet of cars, minibuses and buses. And we are always happy to provide you with the necessary transport for your event. Here you can rent Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Viano, Mercedes V-class, bus Higer, Yutong with driver. If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to help you find the right one for you. We accept applications by phone +7 (981)-700-86-00 or at And do not forget, if you have any event, it is best to think about it in advance and book a car. With early booking for our customers, we provide discounts. If you contact our company right now, then you have the opportunity to get exactly the car you want!
май 20, 2018

The last call 2018!

EasyMove congratulates all Teachers and Schoolchildren on the last call! The last call is the completion of an important life stage and the beginning of a new, no less exciting. We wish that bright memories warmed hearts, and the future attracted opportunities. Believe in yourself, in your power and dreams. Merry holiday and enjoying the moment, bright grandiose prospects!
май 17, 2018

Forum 2018!

Dear guests of our city! The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2018 will be held on May 24-26 in the territory of the Expoforum Exhibition and Convention Center, which is located in St. Petersburg. Our company is the leader in supporting such events, we offer cars with drivers economy, business and executive class, Mercedes E-class, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes-Maybach. You can also rent a Mercedes Vito or Mercedes V-class for 7 seats. To book a car with a driver, you can call +7 (981) 700-86-00 or send an e-mail to