авг 21, 2019

Velikiy Novgorod!

Summer is a great time to walk and travel. And if you want to go somewhere and change the situation we offer to go to Velikiy Novgorod. The road will take about three hours by bus or minibus, but it is better to leave early to have time to see everything. Velikiy Novgorod is a city with a centuries-old history. The main attraction is the museum of wooden architecture "Vitoslavica". There are peasant houses, wooden churches and, of course, furnishings and everyday life. Not far from the museum is Yuriev Monastery - one of the ancient abodes of monks. Call us at 7 (981) 700-86-00 and rent a Higer bus with a driver. In our park you will be able to pick up transport according to your preferences for all tastes.