фев 21, 2020

23 February!

Dear Men’s! Easymove company congratulates all men’s of the world On February 23! This holiday is especially important for those who served, for our fathers and grandfathers, for our men’s who take care of their women and children’s! If you haven't figured out what gift to give your man, son or dad, we have a great idea. Order a transfer with a Mercedes E-class driver in St. Petersburg and go to the Olympic sports and shooting complex. Since 1952, the best shooting range of the military hunting society was built in the Sosnovka Park in Leningrad. It hosted national Championships, armed forces Championships, Leningrad-Moscow counter tournaments, and all city competitions – Leningrad Championships, city cups. This club is a unique place. Friends, call us at 7(981) 700-86-00 and our managers will tell you all the details of the order. Order a transfer service to St. Petersburg with a driver on a Mercedes Benz as a gift on February 23 in the company Easymove! Happy Defender of the Fatherland day dear Men’s!