Can I agree with my driver about renting a car for the next day?

No, you cannot. Please call our reservation office to place any orders. When you agree with your driver regarding another trip, we cannot guarantee 100% that your car will be there when you need it.

We plan to go to Vyborg, what will our charges be?

Vyborg is 140 km away from St. Petersburg. Your rates will be as follows: time in hours * per hour rate * 140 km * 2. The charges for each trip are calculated individually with every customer.

What do I do if the driver does not meet me at the airport or the train station?

When you arrive in St. Petersburg, expect your driver to meet you in the arrivals terminal with a sign that had been agreed on beforehand. If you don't see your driver, please call the dispatcher number that you will be given. Our dispatcher is on call 24 hours a day, and he or she will arrange a way for you to contact your driver.

What do I do if the vehicle I rented should break en route?

Regretfully, although such cases are rare, they still happen. Our cars, minivans and buses are maintained in good technical conditions. Any vehicle malfunction is usually due to manufacturing defects or a traffic accident. In this case we will immediately send a replacement vehicle, usually within one hour. We will not charge you any additional expenses and complete the entire program as scheduled for your car, minivan or bus.

How do I calculate the charges when I order a car, a minivan or a bus to travel beyond St. Petersburg city limits?

When you travel to a destination within 30 kilometers from the St. Petersburg Ring Road, another pick up hour applies. For instance, if you order a car, a minivan or a bus to travel to the country for a wedding celebration, your minimal order time will be 3 hours + 2 pick up hours. If you want to travel to a more remote location, per hour rates will apply plus rates applicable for additional mileage according to the vehicle mileage meter. For more information on rates that apply in this case please call the phone number as shown on our website.

Can I order a bus or a minivan for just one hour?

Yes you can, but you will have to pay for the minimal order time for your car, minivan or bus, i.e. for 3 hours + 1 pick up hour. This isn't just our rule; other transport companies follow this rule as well.

What is the minimal order time for car, bus or minivan?

The minimal order time shall refer to the minimal time you can order your vehicle for, usually at least four hours: 3 hours + 1 pick up hour

What does car/minivan/bus "transfer" mean?

The word "transfer" refers to the process of transportation of passengers by bus, minivan or car from point A to point B. For instance, a trip by minivan from the airport to the hotel will be referred to as "transfer." The waiting time in this case must not exceed 15 minutes.

What is the "pick up hour"?

When you order a car, a bus or a minivan, you will often hear your transport company mention the "pick up hour" as added to the actual time you order your vehicle for. The "pick up hour" includes the time en route from the company's office to the client's location and back. This time is paid for by you.

How can we order a van, bus or a passenger car for a wedding party?

To order a bus, van or a passenger car for a wedding party with driver you just need to call the phone number given on our web-site or to send an electronic application online. We clarify time and date of work of cars on the wedding party, create a booking for you and then you have to come to our office to sign a contract. Either bus/van or a passenger car will be delivered on the specified date, in the specified time.

How to order vans and buses for transporting employees and personnel?

In order to order a bus or van for transporting your personnel you just need to call the phone number given on our web-site or to send an electronic application online. The dispatcher will get in touch with you to clarify time and route of delivery. As a rule, the employees are transported by routes "enterprise" - underground station, underground station - "enterprise". Each delivery of employees is calculated individually.

What is "delivery hour" and why do we need to pay for it?

When you contact our transport company to rent a bus/van, you can hear the phrase "rental time + one delivery hour". "Delivery hour" is the time necessary for the car to reach the customer and to leave him. You need to pay for this time. As a rule, in case of ordering a van or renting a bus in the city we charge for 1 delivery hour. If you need a van and it must be delivered into the nearest suburbs, you will have to pay for 2 delivery hours.